Throwback to Greece summer 2013

Skulle egentlig poste noen flere innlegg fra Santorini i fjor sommer. Men tok heller en liten throwback til Zakynthos og Athen sommeren 2013! Snart 3 år sida jo, det begynner å bli en stund nå. Kan fortsatt huske at vi snakka om å dra til Ios da vi var på Zakynthos, og det gjorde vi jo også et par år senere. Ikke verst, hva?


From Zakynthos


The ferry to Zakynthos, we were so excited!


What’s on the other side?

IMG_0657 - Kopi

This was one of our best meals! We wanted to get back, because it was so good, but unfortunately we didn`t..


There were a lot of tourist shops like this near the road.

Really wish we could travel a lot more! Would love to just get on a plane and go somewhere!


Boat ride around the island!

We took a boat trip around the island to all sights. It was a 7 hour trip and we had great fun!


The island of Zakynthos is famous for turtles, it is one of the highlights of the island. But  we did not see any turtles: (

“Blue caves” are caves around the island which is dug into the huge cliff. We took several stops and those who wanted to swim, could do it.


The next stop and what got us to come to the island is Navagio beach. Navagio beach is a sandy white beach, with high white cliffs. And an old shipwreck which is also an attraction on the island. It was an amazing place, we were there for only one hour.
We took lots of pictures and wrote some different things on the ship. The water was turquoise blue and you had the feeling that you were in Caribbean. The water was very cold and it is because of the high cliffs that shades the sun.



Long time

Hello darlings!

It’s been a long time. Since last time we`ve visited Zakynthos. We have decided that we will start to write about the trip now. There was no time for that when we were there. But first I want to say that we have started blogging in English. It is because of our many English readers. Here are some pictures of Zakynthos.