Wellington and couchsurfing

In Wellington we stayed two nights, we decided to stay one extra night so we could see a little more of the city as we had not seen anything the last time we were there. We had the best stay with a couchsurfing host. He picked us up and and drove us to a look-out that’s really popular. Then we walked around the city, saw the harbour and Cuba street. Ate a good burger.


Mount Victoria lookout – the famous look-out!

The next day we went to a museum, Te Paka, it was so nice of him to show us around even though he had been there many times before. We were also with another person using couchsurfing that hung out with us that day. Our couchsurfing host was so passionate about his city, it was really inspiring, and we had a fantastic stay with him. People like him make couchsurfing such a great experience. Really hit the jackpot on hosts with him!

He also drove us around on the outskirts of town and showed us beautiful places! We finished the day with fish and chips by the beach. It was perfect! The next day he made us breakfast (yasss lucky girls) before he drove us to the bus, which left at 8 a.m. And he had the day off, so nice! We had such a great time in Wellington, with an amazing host.


Wine tasting and ferry from Picton to Wellington

After leaving Nelson we were going to Picton to take the ferry back to Wellington. On they way we stop in a small town known for green-lipped mussels (they call it the green lipped mussel capital of the world) where they had THE BEST pie! Mussels pie. It was so good, want to go back just to buy the pie. Havelock is the name of the coastal town which is in the Marlborough region.

We also stopped by a winery (the place is called Whitehaven), and the bus driver asked us if we were up for some wine tasting for 5 NZD. I think everyone was game. Never too early for wine 😉



On the ferry to Wellington.

Last time we were on this ferry it was a storm brewing, so it was raining the entire time, so we sat inside and couldn’t see a thing out the windows because of the weather. But this time it was sunny (doesn’t look like it in the picture, but it was actually boiling hot when it was taken) and we sat on deck the entire trip. The scenery was beautiful and we are really happy we got to experience it. We were told it was one of the most beautiful ferry-rides in the world. After a while it started getting windy, but we just got our jackets on and it was fine.