Wanaka: Roy’s peak

Wanaka is so amazing! It’s like walking into a painting. THAT beautiful! One of the most beautiful places! It makes me want to go see the Alps (in Europe). The town and lake is surrounded by mountains. Kiwi Experience originally just stop one night here, but we extended our stay so we stayed two nights. BEST decision! The first day we walked Mount Iron, that is just a short walk up a “mountain”. Can’t really call it a mountain, but yeah, since the town is already above sealevel, apparently Mount Iron is high enough the be called a mountain. But, we recommend walking up there if you only have one day. It’s beautiful, you get a view of the city.

But we decided to walk up Roy’s Peak. Originally we wanted to walk up Isthmus Peak, but since we never heard back from the shuttle company going there, we had to choose another place. We found Roy’s Peak, and thought okay, this sounds okay for us. So we called yellow cabs and walked up there. It took us approximately 3 hours to walk up. It was hard! But so worth the view!


On top of Mount Roy!



Had to wait ONE HOUR just to take a picture here. We stood in a queue of maybe 10 people. But some people were taking like 20 minutes just ta have their photos. We were superfast though ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s even more beautiful in real life! The weather was amazing when we walked up. Really, really recommend staying here longer than one night! Walking up here was amazing, this place is so beautiful your in awe. On our way down, we thought we had a lot of time. But we stood in this queue from one hour. At the top we took pictures and ate lunch. So after the queue here, which was NOT at the top, but further down the path. We had one hour to get down before the taxi arrived. But it took longer time to walk down than we thought. Suddenly we only had 20 minutes left and we were still far far up. So we started running a little when it was not so slippery. And at precise four o’clock (maybe even a minute before) I see the yellow cab coming. So I run the rest of the way down. Scared that the taxi will drive away. The taxi didn’t drive away, we made it ๐Ÿ™‚