River Valley

We spent one night in River Valley. Swam in the refreshing water in the river. Everywhere we go in New Zealand is beautiful. So many places to see, and it’s so diverse. If you have the time, we recommend coming here. It’s special. We slept in “Big Bunks”, same thing that was being used in back country huts.


Is it not beautiful here?

2018-01-30 19.17.19.jpg

Sleeping arrangements.

River Valley is really isolated, some place we probably would have never visited would it not have been for traveling with Kiwi Experience. One thing that is for us, we really got a digital detox when traveling as we didn’t bother buying a NZ sim-card. Internet access in this country is limited, IF there is free wifi, usually just for a few hours each day. And often the connection is really bad. But you don’t want to spend your time on your phone when there is so much to see! Here in River Valley you had to pay if you wanted wifi. And it was expensive as well, we didn’t buy any.