Wellington and couchsurfing

In Wellington we stayed two nights, we decided to stay one extra night so we could see a little more of the city as we had not seen anything the last time we were there. We had the best stay with a couchsurfing host. He picked us up and and drove us to a look-out that’s really popular.ย Then we walked around the city, saw the harbour and Cuba street. Ate a good burger.


Mount Victoria lookout – the famous look-out!

The next day we went to a museum, Te Paka, it was so nice of him to show us around even though he had been there many times before. We were also with another person using couchsurfing that hung out with us that day. Our couchsurfing host was so passionate about his city, it was really inspiring, and we had a fantastic stay with him. People like him make couchsurfing such a great experience. Really hit the jackpot on hosts with him!

He also drove us around on the outskirts of town and showed us beautiful places! We finished the day with fish and chips by the beach. It was perfect! The next day he made us breakfast (yasss lucky girls) before he drove us to the bus, which left at 8 a.m. And he had the day off, so nice! We had such a great time in Wellington, with an amazing host.



We spent three nights in Queenstown. One day we were in Milford Sound, the other whole day we had there we were just walking around. Our plan was to walk up Ben Lomond, but we decided we rather wanted to go out and party, haha. Priorities. It will have to be next time!


Trying on All Blacks caps in an All Blacks store! We both bought one, as the big fans we are. Haha, but we thought the caps were really cool!

Queenstown is the typical tourist town! But we loved it. It’s surrounded by mountains, and it has a lake. It’s very cozy, so many restaurants and cafes. You can sit outside in a park and have a beer. I know, not like many other places where you can’t drink in public. After ten o’clock at night, your not allowed to drink in parks though.

They call it the adventure capital of the world. You can do Bungy, swing, skydiving etc. Lots to do here! It’s bustling with tourists so your never alone, and can party everyday of the week!


Milford Sound

The day after arriving in Queenstown we went to Milford Sound! We had several stops along the way, so we could take photos ๐Ÿ™‚ We were driving through Fiordland National Park which is beautiful. Surrounded by mountains. The bus drive from Queenstown is pretty long, but when your surrounded by beautiful landscape it doesn’t matter.


Just filled our waterbottles with water from the river! Tap water in NZ tastes like a pool, but this water was good. When I sent my parents pictures from Milford and Fiordland National Park they were like: “It looks like Norway”. Haha, it does look a little like Norway.ย 


Generally we’re not that good at taking pictures. But we are improving, we want some memories from our trips.ย 


Tutoko River

When we finally


Milford Sound – happy girls!

When on the boat in Milford Sound it was really windy. So windy that our ear hurt. But we refused to step inside and stood on deck the entire time. Felt like this was once in a lifetime experience, so better make the most of it ๐Ÿ™‚


Why you should visit Arrowtown

After leaving Wanaka we made a short visit in Arrowtown. Since we were two buses checking in in Queenstown, our bus were going to be later so as to make less traffic. So our bus stopped in Arrowtown. It is a small, cozy and beautiful town between Wanaka and Queenstown. Actually, we got talking to one lady that owned a shop in Queenstown and she recommended us to visit Arrowtown if we had the opportunity. So happy that we got to visit the place. We love small, cozy places like this. We even talked about coming back one day and staying for a few nights. The town is a historic gold mining town. It has kept many of its historic buildings and its very charming here.



We often feel like big, new, modern cities are very.. modern. Impersonal. They all look alike. That’s why we like this town, it has its charm! Unfortunately we only had 30 minutes here, so we just had time for a stroll down the street and to buy a pie. But they have several cozy cafes, cute shops. We visited on a bright and sunny day, perfect for eating outside. They also have a museum here. So if your ever in Queenstown or Wanaka (which if your visiting NZ is very likely) stop by Arrowtown!


Wanaka: Roy’s peak

Wanaka is so amazing! It’s like walking into a painting. THAT beautiful! One of the most beautiful places! It makes me want to go see the Alps (in Europe). The town and lake is surrounded by mountains. Kiwi Experience originally just stop one night here, but we extended our stay so we stayed two nights. BEST decision! The first day we walked Mount Iron, that is just a short walk up a “mountain”. Can’t really call it a mountain, but yeah, since the town is already above sealevel, apparently Mount Iron is high enough the be called a mountain. But, we recommend walking up there if you only have one day. It’s beautiful, you get a view of the city.

But we decided to walk up Roy’s Peak. Originally we wanted to walk up Isthmus Peak, but since we never heard back from the shuttle company going there, we had to choose another place. We found Roy’s Peak, and thought okay, this sounds okay for us. So we called yellow cabs and walked up there. It took us approximately 3 hours to walk up. It was hard! But so worth the view!


On top of Mount Roy!



Had to wait ONE HOUR just to take a picture here. We stood in a queue of maybe 10 people. But some people were taking like 20 minutes just ta have their photos. We were superfast though ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s even more beautiful in real life! The weather was amazing when we walked up. Really, really recommend staying here longer than one night! Walking up here was amazing, this place is so beautiful your in awe. On our way down, we thought we had a lot of time. But we stood in this queue from one hour. At the top we took pictures and ate lunch. So after the queue here, which was NOT at the top, but further down the path. We had one hour to get down before the taxi arrived. But it took longer time to walk down than we thought. Suddenly we only had 20 minutes left and we were still far far up. So we started running a little when it was not so slippery. And at precise four o’clock (maybe even a minute before) I see the yellow cab coming. So I run the rest of the way down. Scared that the taxi will drive away. The taxi didn’t drive away, we made it ๐Ÿ™‚


Franz Josef

Franz Josef is known for its glacier. Unfortunately when we were there it was foggy. In the picture I can not see the glacier at all, but in real life, you can see a tiny bit of it. The other thing that happened was that it had just been a storm. Which meant that the walkway that led almost the whole way to the glacier, had been destroyed. So it was not possible to walk further. We were in Franz Josef for two nights, but both were foggy. Raining on and off. It was not until the day we LEFT that it was a bright and sunny day.


It’s so green here, and weird to think about that it is a glacier when it’s so hot! Unfortunately the glacier is melting.



After Pancake Rocks it was time for Mahinapua! This is a hostel where they always have dress-up party! Our theme was to dress up as something that starts with the first letter of your first-name. Well, we abandoned that idea and just found some thing in the costume room.


First we were watching a beautiful sunset at the beach! No one was allowed to swim here because of the strong currents in the water. “Don’t swim in the ocean. PLEASE don’t swim in the ocean. You will die”. But they also have a lake (Lake Mahinapua) where people can bath if the want. We were not there.


Candy cotton clouds


Haha, wig doesn’t suit me, but Zorka is rocking it!

It was fun! Here was also the only place where no one could cook their own food. We got a good dinner and pancakes for breakfast.