Huka Falls

We had a short stop in Huka Falls before we went to Taupo centre. It was stunning! Nature is amazing. We have fallen in love with this country ❤


Kind of feel like the Japanese people rushing through Norway just stopping to take pictures. But the month spent in this fantastic country was amazing! Now that we’re back in OZ working, life is not the same, obviously. If only money was no problem. But we’ve learned to travel really cheap. Sometimes eating oatmeal (made with water) for both breakfast, lunch and dinner! Crazy.


Tamaki Maori Village

After Hobbiton we went straight to Tamaki Maori Village. It was one of the highlights of our time in New Zealand. Something we recommend everyone to do. One the bus we had to choose a Chief. After welcoming us we got afternoon tea, they had so many delicious cookies and cakes. Luxury for us backpackers, so we ate way too much. Then we learned a song and dance that we were going to do in front of a audience (people were coming for dinner here). Then we had some activities in the forest. With some sticks that we threw in the air.



So tasty ❤



All of us (kiwi experience) slept here. 

When the evening guests arrive everyone go and get a formal welome ceremony. They perform the haka, a traditional war dance. Then we wander around the village each group rotate around and learn about carving, tattooing, weaving etc. At the end of the tour we head to the hangi pit and then go to a meeting house where we see a cultural performance with singing and dancing. Then it’s dinner, time for hangi! After dinner us from kiwi experience can go in the spa pools.


Hobbiton movie set

Hobbiton felt like a must-see while in New Zealand. Our tour-guide told us that there were a lot of people coming here that had never seen ANY of the movies. Unlike them, we have both seen the movies. All The Lord of the Ring movies and the first of the Hobbiton movies. Now they have made it permanent for people to see. It’s so cool! They grow fruit and pumkins etc here, and they use that to make food in the restaurant!


Obligatory picture in front of one of the hobbit holes.


They also have beer here, that is brewed especially for Hobbiton, they only serve it here. We got that at the end of the tour. It’s like these little village, so cute and amazing. I would like to live here.


Waitomo and how to eat dinner for less than two dollars

Well then we were going to spend a night at Kiwi Paka Waitomo. Well we didn’t do much here, just used the free wifi here outside reception. Try to call and re-arrange some bookings in our buss pass.


Outside reception

Again we ate pasta with tomato sause for dinner. I say again because that’s what we ate for like the last three dinners or something. It’s like less than two dollar for the meal, for the both of us. Super-cheap. And it’s not really tomato sauce, it’s just diced tomatoes in can. #healthyeating


Hot Water Beach

Hot water beach is a very popular stop in New Zealand. You can dig a “hot pool” in the sand because of the natural springs. The water can be up to 64 degrees celsius and you can dig a big hole and relax in the natural thermal water. It was amazing! Well we didn’t have any spades, because we were lazy. So we just sat in a pool someone else had made. #lazygirls.

2018-01-25 20.36.41

Chilling in the pool. After a while the water turned a bit cool when it started to get dark. So we borrowed a spade and started digging. That helped. We also went in the water and bathed in the sea after sitting here a little. Then we came back and warmed up again. Perfect day!


This is another “must-see” in New Zealand. Definitely wanna go back here, so relaxing. New Zealand actually have plenty of natural hot springs, but this is really famous. Both Kiwi Experience and Stray stop here.

The waves and currents in the ocean are strong! We got pushed under water several times even though we were standing in the water. When it was dark there was a guy going around telling people to be careful and not go out unless with a big group. Apparently the currents where strong enough to take you all the way to Australia.


Cathedral Cove and skinny dipping

After we had checked in at Hot Water Beach Top 10 holiday park we drove to Cathedral Cove. Or as far as the bus could go. Then we walked down to the cove. Everyone should do that. Its stunning down there!


I mean, look at this! It’s just so beautiful. Totally worth the walk.


Away from the masses of people. We (typical us) did not bring our swimwear, because we thought we were just doing a short 30 min walk. Not driving anywhere. So we could not bath with the others. We decided that it would be a shame to have walked all the way down here and don’t be in the water. So we walked behind here, and altough we could see people, we decided, fuck that. So we stripped down til we were like God created us; nude. And were skinny dipping in the middle of the day. After a while (say 10 min) a guy come around the corner and climbed a tree. So we thought about how we were going to get out of the water. But then we thought, okay, we just go even though he is there and could potentially see us. Ran up of the water and behind some rocks. Then dried off, but then a couple came and saw us naked. Lol, and got really uncomfortable, they waited a little before they came closer, so we got dressed. Then they came closer and asked if we were decent. But it’s so refreshing to skinny dip! Now we want to visit one of those nudist beaches.




Our last day in Paihia the bus didn’t leave until 14.15 so we went for a short walk. First we went to the tourist office to ask if there were any short hikes. Told him when we were leaving etc. We walked the Opua Bush walk to get a little view. It’s very short and eady, takes like 30-40 minutes or so. Paihia is beautiful, could have spent more days here if we weren’t on such a tight schedule.


Here at the end of the walk. 


What a beautiful view!


One thing we were not very good at is wearing proper walking shoes. Here we walked up in Birkenstock and sandals. But after this little walk we started to wear shoes suited better for walking.